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Arizona governor vetoes bill allowing all citizens to carry guns in University rights of way

In other news, she also vetoed the bill requiring all Presidential candidates to submit their birth certificates (or records of circumcision; we wouldn't want to be prejudiced now) to the Arizona secretary of state to be listed on the ballot in her state, some people see this as a sign of creeping sanity undermining the Republican Party.

But in the view of our domestic enemies, the reason for vetoing such a bill is that it doesn't define "right of way"; some poor innocent gun-owner, carrying a gun about the University of Arizona for reasons best known to himself, might become a criminal.

These people have no sense of process.  

Know anybody like this?

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Family Values at work.

The 27-year old son of a major Scott Walker contributor has quit his $81,000 state job, for which he has no particular qualifications, and for which he was the only one interviewed, rather than accept demotion to his previous $64,000 job.

Well, at least that's $81,000 of waste, fraud, and abuse taken care of.

The House funding bill is likely to mean severe cuts for the Plasma Physics Laboratory across town from me. They also want to hamper the enforcement of the Clean Air Act. In order to do this, they are willing to interfere with paying the military.

Gates thinks he's joking when he suggests "paying the guys with guns first". But the Long Parliament was also willing to postpone paying their army while engaged in sectarianism, and look what happened to them.

Game, untried.

Advertised with Girl Genius: Machination, the game of evil genius.

And then there are the good souls who analyse Animal Farm on the basis that Orwell was a Communist. Anyone who doesn't notice that Animal Farm is written to explain that why Orwell could never be a Communist has missed the main point; anybody who doesn't notice that the final scene condemns Stalin for being indistinguishable from the British Empire has failed to follow the allegory - and missed the secondary point.

The Revolution is being Televised

According to Al Jazeera, the army in Cairo is fraternizing with the riot, the Speaker of the Parliament is promising an Important Announcement and the Party Headquarters is burning  Pity it's next to the Egyptian National Museum, but fire engines are making their way through.

When the troops refuse to fire, the Revolution has won; it may take the Autocrat a few days to react, but we've all seen the same movies.

And, yes, all revolutions fail - but, as Orwell actually said, they do not all fail in the same way.


Goldsmith, Gibbon and Montezuma

Oliver Goldsmith  should be the patron saint of Wikipedia; he wrote on Chinese Metaphysics by looking up the (first edition) Britannia articles on China and on Metaphysics and "combining his information". 

He was hired to write a two-volume work on Greek history - and was behind; both volumes were due and only one was done. At this point Edward Gibbon stopped by to see him; the conversation seems to have gone something like this:

Goldsmith: I am delighted to see you, Sir; just the person I wanted to ask. Tell me, what was the name of the Indian prince  with whom Alexander the Great had such a difficult time?  

Gibbon (at his most Olympian, tongue firmly in cheek): Montezuma

Goldsmith: Ah, thankee, Sir; much obliged to you. (scribbles)

Gibbon (not wanting to get Goldsmith into real trouble): -er- What can I have said?  I meant Porus.  


A charming paradox

The Anglo-Catholic Lutherans: further inspection may  suggest that they aren't very Lutheran in doctrine, and are more concerned with current social and political issues than the nature of Purgatory and the Eucharist; but the idea is charming. They even describe themselves as Evangelical.  

24 types of libertarian

The 24 types of Libertarian is unfair, unkind, and all too often, exactly on target.