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Reflecting Reflections

osewalrus has made a long post on  Occupy Wall Street, here
. While it's worth reading, although long, the most important point may be:

  •  ...many people fret about "the mob," but "the mob" is a byproduct of a frustrated body politic. Arguing against mass protest for fear of "the mob" while doing nothing to alleviate the underlying cause is rather like being opposed to cancer without wanting to deal with smoking or other health risks. 

Meanwhile, even the sympathetic mainstream press, like  Ezra Klein's Four Habits of Successful Social Movements, is  saying things like:
  • But to paraphrase a guy who understood real political power: How many troops does Paul Krugman have?
"Realism" has rarely had a worse example:. The Evil Overlord who said that is gone, and his statues fallen; there is still a Pope in Rome.