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Goldsmith, Gibbon and Montezuma

Oliver Goldsmith  should be the patron saint of Wikipedia; he wrote on Chinese Metaphysics by looking up the (first edition) Britannia articles on China and on Metaphysics and "combining his information". 

He was hired to write a two-volume work on Greek history - and was behind; both volumes were due and only one was done. At this point Edward Gibbon stopped by to see him; the conversation seems to have gone something like this:

Goldsmith: I am delighted to see you, Sir; just the person I wanted to ask. Tell me, what was the name of the Indian prince  with whom Alexander the Great had such a difficult time?  

Gibbon (at his most Olympian, tongue firmly in cheek): Montezuma

Goldsmith: Ah, thankee, Sir; much obliged to you. (scribbles)

Gibbon (not wanting to get Goldsmith into real trouble): -er- What can I have said?  I meant Porus.